Bosse Interspice Ltd install Solar Photovoltaic Energy System

We are delighted to announce that Bosse Interspice Ltd has installed a solar SPV energy system on its building. The system was planned in conjunction with their neighbour, Dawley Services and the installation company was Mypower UK Ltd based in Cheltenham.
Although Jose Bosse and Jensen Bosse had previously discussed the merits of installing an SPV system, they had not actively looked at installation due to the business being very busy and it was not until Dawley Services, and in particular, Sally Gibson and her team, decided to seriously look at installing an SPV system. Sally Gibson very kindly shared with Bosse Interspice their findings into the project also shared the information concerning the cost involved of such an installation.
After completion of site surveys for both Bosse Interspice and Dawley Services, both companies agreed upon using Mypower UK Ltd and the necessary contracts were duly signed with Mypower UK Ltd and the work was started in January 2019 and successfully completed by the first week of February 2019.
The system is already successfully producing electricity which will cover the needs of Bosse Interspice Ltd and there will be a surplus of energy which is then fed back in to the local distribution network.

As these photos show, the installation was fully planned and documented with regards site safety and operation, and the second set of photos show the system successfully installed on both Bosse Interspice and Dawley Services premises roofing.

The installation of the system demonstrates the ethos of Bosse Interspice that they wish their company play an active role in ensuring that they take their environmental and climatic responsibilities very seriously and in a small way help to generate clean electricity for future generations.
Bosse Interspice will be issuing on a quarterly basis, updates as to how much electricity they are producing and we will also be able to provide figures as to how much savings in CO2 emissions are being achieved.

Installation completed

Final thanks must go again to Sally Gibson and her team at Dawley Services and to Mr Neil Stott and his team at Mypower UK Ltd, and to all of our customers of Bosse Interspice Ltd for their continued commercial support and trust they will approve of our investment for the future environmental and climatic benefits that this investment will achieve.