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“Best Ingredient Supplier” 2021

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Jensen Bosse, Director & Harry Bosse

Dear reader

For each of the four decades we’ve been in business, we’ve strived to serve the UK food manufacturing industry with only the highest quality food seasoning and flavour ingredient products, which we augment with the highest standards of customer service and support.

We’re delighted to have won the category “Best Ingredients Supplier” but it’s a win we feel we must share with all of our customers who have allowed us to contribute to the products they manufacture and market.

Central to our extensive range of food seasoning and flavour ingredients, is our liquid blends. One such blend is our Butter Emulsion which we’ve formulated for the poultry manufacturing sector. This popular blend is used for both tumbling and injection processes. It’s a blend which ensures that their products deliver exceptional taste, flavour, and succulence.

Our continued growth and success, and our reputation for quality, is in large part attributable to our ability, and flexibility, in supplying our customers with ingredients on a “formulate to order”, or bespoke, basis together with a full range of product-specific recipe formulation and advisory support services. Many of our customers have, in the past, remarked that our bespoke services have often given their products something of a USP and, in some cases, a competitive boost.

In conclusion, our sincere thanks must go to everyone involved in the category nomination process and to those individuals who chose us to win this prestigious accolade – Winner: Best Ingredients Supplier 2021.

Best wishes,

Jensen & Jose Bosse,