Liquid delivery of standardised great flavours.

An oil and liquid based emulsion

Through this medium we are able to offer our customers a range which provides standardised taste performance which can be used in many manufacturing processes. Because our emulsions are liquid based, they offer good flavour dispersion in many food applications such as, meat injection or tumbler. Also, our emulsions have very low micro-counts. Our emulsions also offer opportunities to obtain blends of exotic tastes in one product.

  • Lemon Pepper EM101
  • Pepper EM103
  • Chilli EM104
  • Golden Roast EM106
  • Mustard EM107
  • Garlic & Herb EM109
  • Tikka EM110
  • Pastrami EM111
  • Butter EM112
  • BBQ EM116
  • Lemon & Tarragon EM117
  • Sage & Onion EM118
  • Mediterranean EM119
  • Hot & Spicy EM120
  • Chinese EM121
  • Turkey Stock EM123
  • Chicken Stock EM124
  • Smoke Flavour Blend EM131
  • Piri Piri Brine EM132
For further information, contact us on 01989 565971 or email:  enq@bosse-interspice.co.uk

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