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Our research, production technology and experience enable us to manufacture and supply great tasting natural flavours which can be used in a wide range of food production applications.

Liquid Seasonings and Flavourings:
Product No.

Glutabest Flavour Enhancer – with MSG

Schmakoline Flavour Enhancer – with MSG & HVP

Natural fresh onion liquid
Natural roast onion liquid
Natural clear garlic essence liquid
Natural creamy sterilata garlic
Natural smoke liquid
Liquid paprika
El-do-wurz liquid spice and HVP-blend
Honey Roast U1804
Smok-EZ MB-12 GF – browns & smokes all meats
Smok-EZ Oil H SF – browns & smokes all meats
Smok-EZ Applewood 2502 – browns & smokes all meats
Various flavourings for sweet and savoury applications are also available.
For further information, contact us on 01989 565971 or email:  enq@bosse-interspice.co.uk

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