Sauces & marinades


A World of Flavours.

An area which encourages entering the value-added sales area without the need for dramatic changes in manufacturing or processing systems.

A World of Sauces & Marinades

This product group allows your product development department to travel the world and taste regional styles. It also provides for high visual standards to be achieved.


Product No.
Green peppercorns in brine …
Korma sauce
Mango Jamaican jer …
Onion chutney …
Red Thai …
Soya …
Tikka …
Wholegrain Mustard …
Worcestershire …

Oil Marinades

Product N0
Tandoori … LD0198/OM001
Argentinian OM008
Mexican OM021
Golden Onion OM022
Mexican Acapulco OM015
Caribbean Antigua OM014
Indian Mumbai OM020
Sweet Piri Piri Water based OM004
Three Pepper … LD0320/OM020
Spanish garlic & herb … LD0228/OM0011
Royal London mint … LD0229/OM0010
Chinese Kamto … LD0230/0M006
French Lyon … LD0231/OM005
Greek Delphi … LD0232/OM009
Orange & plum …water based LD0253
Savannah BBQ LD0265/OM012

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