Sausage mixes


Making sausages taste simply great.

These seasoning suggestions are designed to help you explore many and varied flavour profiles while retaining a simple recipe formulation.

With consumer health expectations continually changing, the sausage product can conform to minimum legal requirements going upwards to high meat content, low fat, low salt and minimal functional ingredients.

  • Spicy Garlic…JZ1345
    A subtle garlic flavour, with a complimentary blend of rubbed dried herbs and spices.
  • Old Banger…JZ1344
    A traditional sausage using breadcrumb, ground spices and a hint of premium onion for a more distinctive product.
  • Cumberland style…JZ1180
    A blend of sage, pepper and nutmeg to give this traditional north country sausage its distinct flavour appeal.
  • Traditional…JZ1371
    Using breadcrumbs and spices from an old butchers recipe thought to date to the 1920’s. A traditional product for that special occasion.
  • Lincolnshire…JZ1181
    A highly spiced pungent seasoning using blends of sage and ginger for a high quality product.
  • Tinted Old Banger…JZ1345
  • Chilli & Pepper…JZ1161
  • Pork & Leek…JZ1155
  • Pork & Garlic…JZ1156
  • Ye Olde English…JZ1157
  • Pork & Apple…JZ1158
  • Hickory & Stilton…JZ1159
  • Welsh Dragon…JZ1160
  • Tomato & Basil…JZ1162
  • Chorizo…JZ1163
  • Spicy Cumberland…JZ1343
  • Pork & Chive…JZ1342

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