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Zingy chicken coaters-marinades & cook-in sauces

Something extra for poultry


Something to give poultry a zing Rub & sprinkle on poultry coatings and marinades/cook-in sauces. Our Hot & Spicy® and American Style Poultry Rub® sprinkle and rub on powders and Bosse Tangy Thai Style® marinade/ cook-in sauce are great for giving poultry breasts, thighs, wings that special flavour and extra zing…(Read More)

And helping makers of meat, poultry and fish products to keep their promises. It’s one thing to add great flavour to meat etc. but if the end product is as tough as old boots, consumers are bound to feel let down.   Our marinades, coaters and seasoning product recipes not only let you add great…(Read More)