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Super pulled-pork and beef-steak sausages. We’ve created pulled-pork and beef-steak sausages from pure ground meat only. And they’re 100% gluten free. We guarantee that no bread or starch based fillers, or wheat derivatives of any kind, are added. Both types of sausage do contain our own, very special, seasoning…(Read More)

Gaucho® Marinade


Introducing Bosse Interspice Gaucho® marinade. Gaucho® is a peppery marinade that we have formulated from the finest quality aromatic peppers, herbs & spices…(Read More)

And helping makers of meat, poultry and fish products to keep their promises. It’s one thing to add great flavour to meat etc. but if the end product is as tough as old boots, consumers are bound to feel let down.   Our marinades, coaters and seasoning product recipes not only let you add great…(Read More)