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Zingy chicken coaters-marinades & cook-in sauces

Something extra for poultry


Something to give poultry a zing Rub & sprinkle on poultry coatings and marinades/cook-in sauces. Our Hot & Spicy® and American Style Poultry Rub® sprinkle and rub on powders and Bosse Tangy Thai Style® marinade/ cook-in sauce are great for giving poultry breasts, thighs, wings that special flavour and extra zing…(Read More)

Goujons of pork marinaded in Bosse Interspice Marinier®Soft marinade It’s quick and easy to use, and it’s cost effective. Our marinade delivers an excellent flavour and strong visual appeal and can be used to marinade most meat, poultry and fish including: pork, beef, lamb, chicken, venison, turkey and fish.…(Read More)

Here’s a wonderfully piquant marinade called Bosse Interspice MarinierSoft® for pork, beef lamb and chicken. The flavour of of MarineirSoft®  marinade is as close as we can get to legitimately describing it as “authentic” without infringng the trades descriptions act.  The  key ingredients in the Bosse Interspice MarinierSoft® Indonesian “style” marinade are:  Ginger, Black…(Read More)