About Us

Our Story

Family Roots

With over 40 years of knowledge and experience at our core, Bosse Interspice are proud to be a three-generation, award-winning family business located in the rural market town of Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, UK.

We source, supply, and develop high-quality natural spice blends and formulations of food and flavour ingredients for food manufacturers and food service sectors worldwide.

The Journey Begins

It all started with Harald Bosse, born in Hamburg and the third son of Albert Bosse, a master butcher. Harald grew up in Frankfurt and, after obtaining his Meisterbrief and Food & Science degree, went on to become a leading food technologist, who in 1979 took the leap with his wife Jose to start his own seasoning and spice company.

Customer-Driven Philosophy

With the philosophy that everything they do must be ‘customer driven’ and to ‘continuously look to evolve with the market’, Harald and Jose teamed up with Hagesud Interspice, one of the world’s oldest and leading suppliers of quality raw food flavours, seasonings, herb and spice products, and successfully delivered them to the UK and Republic of Ireland markets.

When it came to customers, Harald stood firm in his belief that his word was his bond, and when it came to creating a relationship between themselves and the customer, confidentiality would be of the utmost importance.

“Our guarantee of confidentiality is both strict and paramount in our company philosophy to ensure we build a relationship between ourselves and our customers that will stand the test of time.”

Harald Bosse

Future-Proofing the Business

This partnership cemented Bosse Interspice (then Hagesud Bosse UK Ltd) as a trusted supplier to the UK Food and Meat sectors, restaurant and food service and health care providers.

Sadly, after a lifetime of dedication to the food sector, Harald passed away in November 2010, with his wife Jose and son Jensen future-proofing the business by buying out Hagesud Interspice and reverting the company name to Bosse Interspice.

The Next Generation

With Jensen at the helm and a close-knit team, Bosse Interspice continued to grow and live up to its reputation as a customer-first business while expanding its range further to accommodate customers’ requirements, such as allergen-free and bespoke products.

In 2016, Jensen’s son Harry joined the family business as a Field Sales Executive and, after working his way up, has recently gained promotion to Sales Director, continuing the Bosse Interspice legacy.

Honouring the Bosse Legacy: Continuing a Customer-First Focus

More recently, in November 2021, Jose sadly passed away, leaving the Bosse legacy firmly in the hands of Jensen, Harry, and the team. And it is fair to say that Harald and Jose’s mantra of a customer-first focus is still very much at the forefront of the company’s values.

“We will endeavour to do and create whatever our customers ask of us. Nothing is too much trouble. On the rare occasions that we cannot deliver on what is asked of us, we will say so and offer an alternative solution!”

Jensen Bosse

Sectors we serve

You may be surprised at how many sectors we have extensive experience creating and delivering food products to. So, whatever your sector, you can be assured to receive unrivalled service in addition to the highest quality products