Sausages & Burgers

The BBQ Experts

Come rain or shine, the great British public loves a good BBQ, and at Bosse Interspice, we know a thing or two about the perfect bangers and burgers to make any BBQ a success.

Our complete sausage and burger mixes and seasonings offer mouth-watering flavours that pack a punch, without any gluten or allergens.

Sausage Sensations: From Classic to Contemporary

From the classic traditional old English, Cumberland, and Lincolnshire sausages to the summer-ready caramelized onion or spicy chorizo, our sausage mixes and seasonings cater to all tastes and preferences.

Burger Bliss: Bold Flavors for Burger Bliss

And who doesn’t enjoy a big burger, jam-packed with bold flavours such as Apple & Herb, Minty Lamb or a warming chilli?

Is your mouth watering yet?