Meat & Poultry

Three Generations of Expertise

Did you know that our roots in the meat industry go back generations? Albert Bosse, Father of Harald Bosse, was not only a master butcher but also owned his own meat manufacturing factory.

With this wealth of knowledge and experience, it’s no wonder that we offer an extensive range of meat products that are tried, tested, and trusted.

A Range of Tastes

Our range includes everything from natural cure blends, complete sausage mixes and seasonings, to mouth-watering burger mixes, marinades, glazes, coaters, and emulsions.

We also offer a selection of essential ingredients such as phosphates, preservatives, and tenderisers.

Inclusivity Matters

If you’re looking to add some flavour and depth to your dishes, we’ve got you covered with our natural herbs and spices, and for those with gluten or allergen sensitivities, we can provide equally delicious alternatives.