Elevate Your Burger Offerings with Bosse Interspice’s Premium Blends

As the summer grilling season heats up…

Now is the time for food businesses to reinforce their burger selections with the premium burger blend and seasonings from Bosse Interspice. Our signature Burger Seasoning and Premium Burger Mix with Onion deliver unparalleled flavour and texture that will keep your customers coming back for more.

The Bosse Burger Seasoning is a game-changer for beef, turkey, chicken and veggie burger patties. This robust blend packs a punch into each bite. Simply mix it in with your burger mix for an instant flavour boost that outshines basic salt and pepper.

Brace yourself, because the real star of the show is our Premium Burger Mix with Onion. This exclusive mix combines high-quality breadcrumbs with real dehydrated onions for an unbeatable patty texture that stays incredibly moist and tender…result!

When used together, these burger superstars create an eating experience your customers won’t soon forget. Our signature Burger Seasoning delivers a flavour punch on the outside while the Premium Burger Blend keeps things juicy and binds the patty together beautifully on the inside.


Of course, no burger is complete without the perfect sauce…

Our Signature BBQ Sauce brings a smoky-sweet tang that complements the seasonings beautifully. Its thick, glossy texture makes it ideal for slathering, dipping, or blending into burger patty mixtures for an extra punch of barbecue flavour.

As an award-winning ingredients supplier, Bosse Interspice understands what it takes to create truly exceptional burger concepts in high volume. Our commercial-sized packaging options and bulk pricing make it easy to integrate superior flavour into your burger line-up.

This burger season, elevate your offerings with Bosse Interspice with products that are certified for food safety and crafted with high-quality ingredients.

Contact us today to place an order or request a sample!